Helping children

through COVID-19

More than 80 000 COVID-related deaths have occurred in South Africa since the diagnosis of the first COVID-19 case on March 1st 2020. The outbreak dominates the media and social interactions. Children need correct & appropriate information, failing which, they try and make sense of the situation on their own.

Our Projects
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What we stand for

Our History
  • 2020 - DAAD German Academic Exchange Service in partnership with Dr Maud Mthembu initiate research project
  • 2020 - Problem statement is created for the research project
  • 2020 - Organizational partnerships join into the campaign to create relevant educational and creative content
  • December 2021 - With the assistant of creative agencies the research and campaign is successfully executed.
Our Mission & Vision
  • To promote child participation and inclusion in matters that concern them by developing innovative age-appropriate tools.
  • To make tools that improve connecting, communication and understanding the views of children and their needs.
Our Values
  • Honesty - We assist all our partners with the same level of openness and honesty from the first interaction contact to the final phase of service offering.
  • Integrity - We walk the talk. We treat our current and potential customers with high-level commitment and attention to detail with their required services.
  • Empowerment - We strive to create intervention and innovative tools/services that impact communities positively
  • Innovation - We aim to promote and develop innovation-driven interventions or tools that can be beneficial to our customers.

Our Objectives

What we aim to achieve through our projects and tasks as an Organisation
Disseminating relevant psycho-social information for children and families.
Promoting a sense of calmness in children.
Developing creative tools that reaches all South African children.
Suitable Information
Providing age-appropriate and context-specific COVID-19 information suitable for children.

Enabling correct & appropriate information delivery

We want to thank our various partners for creating an enabling environment to form local and international partnerships that benefit the communities we serve. It has been a great honour to work closely with various organizations.

The feedback we receive from schools, children, parents and community leaders indicate the need for context-relevant tools that can be used to educate children using the language and tone appropriate for them. All our tools are developed after extensive research with communities and children to ensure the authenticity of the tools we develop.

Our Collaborative Team
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