Our Services
Services offered through uHambo:
Counselling Resources

Research & Development of child friendly counselling tools and resources.

Child-relevant Communication

Research & development of child-relevant communication tools and resources.

Indigenous Literature Design

Research & Writing of books for children in indigenous languages.

Child Friendly tools

Capacity building on using child friendly tools with children.

Additional services

Counselling Referral

Referral for child and family counselling

Debriefing referral

Referral for child debriefing services


Referral for tele-counselling

COVID-19 Counselling

Referral for COVID-19 related counselling and debriefing services

Uhambo Lwami Animation

The first phase of action research culminated in the publication of a children's book titled 'Uhambo Lwami Ngesikhathi seKhovithi'. We have now developed an animated 10 minutes children's movie that serves as an innovative intervention and child-friendly approach to educating children about the COVID-19 pandemic. The film gives children the opportunity to share their positive and negative experiences of living in the era of COVID-19.

Uhambo Lwami Animation Cover
My Journey During Covid-19

Uhambo Lwami Ngesikhathi seKhovithi

The outbreak dominates the media and social interactions. Children need correct & appropriate information, failing which, they try and make sense of the situation on their own. We aim to disseminate COVID-19 and vaccine-related information to children through a child-friendly tool appropriate for a child's developmental stage and context. Thus we published Uhambo Lwami Ngesikhathi SeKhovithi in seven of the eleven Official South African languages.

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